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After years of drifting away from his family, Charlie comes home one evening to find another man's car in the driveway. Certain of his wife's infidelity Charlie explodes into a binge of drinking, fighting, and confusion. The desperate search to remind himself of who he is leads him to his lover, to his ex-girlfriend, to an explosive confrontation with his best friend, and finally to an evening of chasing down a stranger in hopes of some of emotional contact. The journey is a failure. Charlie returns home to ask for forgiveness. Charlie is about a man's search to discover why he has failed in love. Why he has constantly destroyed people closest to him, the one's who loved him most



"The close-ups of Charlie imagining his wife are dreamy and piercing, and perhaps deliberately reminiscent of “Eyes Wide Shut,” another film about a cuckolded man who goes on a Homeric nighttime odyssey, encountering women who represent aspects of the wife he fears he has lost." 


"...Charlie is a Marlon Brando character in a John Cassavettes movie. 


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