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In a town with shocking secrets and long-standing crimes, could there be such a thing as redemption? After a tragic car accident where only his young son survives, U.S. soldier Raymond Marrow returns home to his forgotten coal-mining town. But rather than consoling, returning home becomes dangerous when Raymond’s son shows signs of having information about the local gangster’s missing daughter. The underlying problem: Raymond’s son has never before stepped foot in this town, and he’s too young to know anything about the case. How does he know? With dark, gritty cinematography, and a touch of the supernatural, Beyond the Nightdemonstrates the kind of bonds that form between family and what happens when people turn a blind eye towards tragedy. This family drama mixes multiple genres in an effortless way, leaving its audience with a feeling of unease, as well as reconcilable satisfaction. —Dainara Delija

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